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Box, Palo Alto Networks, Splunk, Uber and Zoom are each known for delivering innovative products and services. Now we’re coming together to shape a bold new way of working in the tech industry. The five forward-thinking organizations are collaborating to create new employee-centric work practices. The framework – that we’re calling FLEXWORK – will boldly reimagine the employee experience with a great emphasis on flexibility and choice.


COVID has required all of us to be nimble in entirely new ways and has shown us that our resilience as organizations relies heavily on being able to adapt swiftly to changing circumstances.

In responding to these changes, five companies have come together to find the best paths forward, in a world where much is still unknown. FLEXWORK is a consortium of five forward-thinking companies collaborating to accelerate the development of new employee-centric work practices in the tech industry.

All of us will implement our version of FLEXWORK, each company finding an answer that uniquely fits our organization – but these founding principles bind us together:

  • Our organizations will be more flexible and adaptable

  • We will continue to shift towards increased employee choice

  • We will individualize programs and policies, where appropriate

  • We will embrace technology for greater personalization and flexibility


As we grapple with remote working we are unearthing complexities that have never been faced before. We don’t have proven processes, playbooks or even much data to guide us. That creates a huge opportunity.

Being forced into remote working and making it work at breakneck speed, we realize we can explore and disrupt the way our companies move to the future.

We can turn complexity into opportunity.


FLEXWORK seeks to accelerate the development of innovative employee-centered work practices, based on experimentation, real-time data, speedy pivots and meaningful results.

This requires our coalition to redesign, disrupt and rethink many of our current people practices. For example, it could significantly change how and where we operate, how we view employee benefits, how our employees learn and develop, and ultimately the way we lead.

We will take risks, learn, and share findings openly to help guide the way forward.


Location changes are the tip of the iceberg. With thought, we can open the door to greater flexibility across additional aspects of work. Smart personalization with the employee at the center can provide a new way of working.

The actions we take now will set the stage for our ongoing relationship with our people, way past the pandemic. To meet evolving expectations, we’ll need experimentation, discourse and shared knowledge. We can all learn faster and make fewer errors if we collaborate on ideas, experiments and share data.

The FLEXWORK coalition

We’re building a coalition of companies with shared values and goals – a group of thought leaders to develop diverse perspectives and approaches.

We recognize there is no ONE answer. Instead, there is a new playbook, with tests and case studies, opportunities, and shared learning and language as every company seeks answers.

We won’t be building a one-size-meets-all solution. There is no one technology, no one answer, or perspective that is weighed more heavily. We will provide a community that shares our findings freely, including case studies, data, trials and errors – and we’re seeking more perspectives. Join the CPOs of five organizations as we hunt down the answers our industry is seeking.

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We’re creating big and bold ideas. We don’t have the answers – but we’re willing to find (and share) them with companies looking to define what’s next. We have a desire to think big, and impact the world of work broadly.

We’ve started by sharing case studies – discussing how each of our companies have taken development and learning for our sales organizations, onboarding processes, annual learning and development, and internships to an entirely new experience.

We’re going to move quickly, testing our hypotheses, and sharing the results. We’ll discuss our findings, and create the next experiment. We will share more case studies as we put FLEXWORK into practice.