CEO Fireside Chat with Nikesh Arora and Eric Yuan

Nikesh Arora, CEO of Palo Alto Networks, and Eric Yuan, CEO of Zoom, talk about FLEXWORK and the future of work.

Hear from two CEOs from the FLEXWORK Coalition who are willing to be disruptive with how we work, adding increased choice, personalization, and flexibility.

Facilitated by David Rock, CEO of the NeuroLeadership Institute.


Liane Hornsey, Chief People Officer at Palo Alto Networks, and Lynne Oldham Chief People Officer at Zoom are interviewed by HR Leaders Podcast.

HR Leaders is a cross-industry learning community, powered by the world’s most influential HR practitioners. It exists to advance the profession of Human Resources. Its vision is to shape the future of work, for business, and for the lasting benefit of society.

Episode Highlights
00:00 – Intro
04:41 – How did Flexwork come about?
07:11 – The challenges companies face emerging from the pandemic
10:14 – How have your employees’ expectations changed
11:58 – Are you limiting your talent pool by not offering a remote work option?
18:41 – “Remote work doesn’t mean a lack of productivity”
20:40 – What are you most excited about looking forward?
23:42 – The impact of company values

A recording of our panel presentation from the FLEXWORK coalition discussing examples of virtual experience for employees.

During this panel discussion, we dig into how companies like Box and Zoom are creating a virtual experience for employees as they onboard to a new organization or join annual company learning.

Palo Alto Networks, Box, Splunk, Uber and Zoom Form FLEXWORK Coalition.

The FLEXWORK Coalition brings together industry leaders to focus on the future of work and accelerate the development of new employee-centric work practices around employee choice and flexibility. Read in full on the Palo Alto Networks blog.

Source: Palo Alto Blog
Article link: The FLEXWORK coalition